*Winner mini challenge #96 |EYES|*

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Sorry for the Tardy followup!

first heres some in no particular order the at caught my eye, to many to pick all my favorites though!

I like these Allen but your models all seem tired:dunno

Cant go wrong with wrinkled skin!

I dont usually like these, but this is cool

This is cool, your others seem a bit dark in feeling, but I did say show emotion:D

great expression!

Nice! great dof, not easy with kids:thumb

This is cool, you should ditch the purple glint in the right eye it really draws the eye.

Wide angle dog shots are cool, I like this.

I really want a proper macro set up.

A couple things I notice about these images: there both a little soft, colors are a bit unnatural, and they are slightly noisy.

Dave really like your wildlife shots, bout all you could find up here in Maine was a squirrel if I remember right:rofl I remember Gumby, had one as a kid!

Bambi! I like the spiral stair case as well but its a few stops underexposed and too contrasty for me(I have 3 and 5 year old girls so I see this scene a lot:wink)

Love this comp! Victoria looks great as well nice idea!

I like it! You cut off her rings:cry

Sorry wish I had the time to comment on all of them!

Ok so I think these are my top favorites:

3. ghinson love the light and ripples on this!

2. Kristen This image is a real eye catcher! Well done, nice and natural looking!

1. Liz this is perfect just what I was looking for:thumb

^your up:D


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    Congrats Liz! I really like how if you look at him you can only see one eye but if you look in the reflection you can see both.
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    clap.gifclapclap.gifWay to go Liz! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the next mini!

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    Congrats Liz!
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    Very Nice Liz. Was my favorite entry as well. Great capture!
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