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Has anybody played with either the "Faces" feature in iPhoto or the "People" feature in the Picasa Desktop app?

They're pretty cool, and with a bit of time investment, you can tag a good amount of your photos.

I was thinking -- if people wanted to run face recognition against all of their SmugMug photos, I wonder if they could take the following steps:

1) Use Star*Explorer to download all your photos to your hard drive.
2) Run iPhoto or Picasa and tag all your photos
3) Write a script to take the metadata from "Faces" / "People" (iPhoto uses sqlite, Picasa uses text files), and replace/append this into EXIF keyword data.
4) Use Star*Explorer to replace all of the tagged images on SmugMug.

Any thoughts?

Related links:
- AvPicFaceXmpTagger - takes Picasa data, puts it in XMP/EXIF tags of JPEG files: http://www.anvo-it.de/wiki/avpicfacexmptagger:main
- Jeffrey Friedl's Picasa Face-Recognition Import plug-in for Lightroom: http://regex.info/blog/lightroom-goodies/picasa-face-import
- My exploration into the sqlite data for iPhoto Faces: http://www.macandtech.com/2009/01/29/iphoto-09-what-is-faces-doing-behind-the-scenes/#comment-80


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    It would be a cool feature, that's for sure. It'd be great to do it online though. In Australia I'm on a fairly decent data plan, but it would take a good chunk out of my plan and would take quite some time to complete the download, and a lot of time to complete the upload...

    Try Smugfoto in Facebook for displaying your SmugMug galleries.
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    In a bit of a round-about way I use Picasa to add keywords to my SmugMug pics.

    I did a write up last night but it still hasn't posted.
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