Sharegroups -- Anybody use them? Sorting problem.

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Anybody here use them? I didn't find any posts about them. They're actually really great. No password needed to share a gallery with a select group of people.

Fairly secure, unless somebody starts sequentially crawling through *every* gallery on

Anyways, one minor nitpick:

I have a Sharegroup setup for family members to see pretty much all of our albums, and limit the number of public albums I have.

It would be *really* really nice to have the same "Auto-sort by: Most Recent" that's available for public albums in Sharegroups as well.

I recently had to spend an annoying 10 minutes manually repositioning 9 albums. This sucked.

As a sidenote, the UI for repositioning albums in Sharegroups (click up or down for *every single album!*) is completely different than the way it's done for public galleries (just enter numbers).

I don't know why this is, but I'd prefer the numeric system, because at least it wouldn't require so much damned clicking around, having to "chase" an album up to the top.

But better still would be adding the "sort by most recent" option to Sharegroups.

Anyways, if you haven't checked them out, and you're still password-protecting all of your albums, you ought to give them a try. They're very end-user friendly.

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