Bi-Weekly Discussion Thread: Insurance + Taxes

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... nothing *I* like to talk about (:poke), but let's see what you guys think.

Any questions? Recommendations? Advice? Stories? Rants? Praises? :ear .... Guess I'm not going to ask for any photos, not this time :lol3


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    I use PPA for my insurance - they have some good deals.
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    Taxes .. I have it easy. My bro does taxes so he does mine for me. :D Easy peasy! Only thing I have to remember is to keep my receipts and stuff. He told me all this stuff that most people and some CPAs overlook while filing taxes [which went over my head] and .. I got a pretty spiffy return.

    Insurance.. I am looking into the PPA.
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    I use Marsh through PPA for business liability and equipment loss. Couldn't find a better deal anywhere else.
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    It looks like everybody likes talking about this topic as much as I do rolleyes1.gifhide
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    Agnieszka wrote: »
    It looks like everybody likes talking about this topic as much as I do rolleyes1.gifhide
    I hear you! When I started acquiring better gear and getting paid to take photographs I also looked in to insurance (and am still looking for an alternative). I spoke to my farm liability carrier who said "sure, we can add your stuff to your home policy". I explained (having worked in the insurance industry in a prior life) that I didn't want a RIDER because this gear is used for commercial / business purposes and I want it covered properly.

    Bottom line - gotta find another insurance carrier. Not a member of PPOC (yet) so I don't have access to their insurance or other benefits.

    as for taxes? Wouldn't THINK of tackling that without my friendly neighbourhood accountant whose instructions from me were "find me the maximum return but keep me out of jail". So far, so good.
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    Hill and Usher Insurance for me.
  • marikrismarikris The Wannabe Registered Users Posts: 930 Major grins
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    USAA :) They sure take care of us military and ex-military families. Although for business insurance they outsource to Travelers and that is fine with me.

    It's the mysterious disappearance clause that makes me sweat. If you put down your camera and someone walks away with it, you have no proof that it was stolen...

    I file my taxes through HR Block, but I really should go find an accountant -_-
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    Chicago accountant?
    Does anyone know of a good accountant in Chicago? Or, a place to find accountants who've worked with photographers? Thanks!
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    I had been using State Farm Business Insurance in IN, but I cancelled that since I need a new policy in CA now. Was going to research the various rates, will try out PPA!

    As far as taxes, I use TurboTax Home & Small Business (online edition) and do all my taxes myself. I love how it depreciates my gear for me every year and makes buying/selling of gear listing into taxes a breeze.

    Going to check out PPA based on some of the above comments, hope they have good rates!
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