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I'm working on getting moved to spend the summer at our house on Nantucket. I came out here Sunday and have one more trip to the mainland and back by the end of the week, and then hope not to set foot back on the mainland until Labor Day.


Goodbye to the mainland. This is Hyannis harbor.


Once out of the harbor, the ferry can really haul. As the crow flies, it's 27 miles and the ferry makes it in under an hour. For about 15 minutes of that time, it isn't allowed to go fast enough to make a wake.


Too wet and rough to stay outside, and I get seasick bad, so I huddled in and tried to focus on infinity. As you see that wasn't that easy.


Ah, flat water inside Nantucket harbor.

But then something I always forget. Perhaps the kind of thing you can't really remember. The light is different out here. I don't really know how to explain, perhaps you can see.





If not now, when?


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    Thanks for sharing your island, Rutt
    The lighting is great, really pops. I did notice your shadow in one, so I would guess it was a popping time of day. But without the smog, etc. Great light.
    We get a lot of haze here in the summer..........got a photo of one, posted it, and now I see that I want to cut out a lot of the sky and make it a long rectangle. I have to post to critique my own pictures, lol. But I love your clear vibrant colors...........
    And don't you have access to seasick pills, you know something for the balance factor in your head. I mentioned the patch, but that was for a longer overnighter in a sailboat 18 years ago. (Taught me that I don't really want to sail around the world. We went the wrong way, and when I woke up we were hours out to sea. Had a storm the second night, sure was nice to be the only one not sick, thanks to the patch. Can't you get something. In 18 yrs, I would think they would have invented something. I learned my lesson and have had no more overnighters with sailors who don't know what they are doing, or who do know for that matter.)
    Thanks for sharing the first of your summer, keep it up, it will be interesting where your pictures lead you and how you change your focus as time there passes. ginger
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    Rutt, I love the ocean and all things watery, but I, too, get terribly seasick. Imagine my panic and chagrin when, for the first time at depth in Laguna, I realized I hadn't been taught how to barf underwater! My advice consists of two words - Transderm Scopalamine! Stuff works like a CHARM, and has never made me sleepy (just about everything for allergies and seasickness puts me right to sleep). For my diving days I'd cut one in half and place it behind my ear at about 4:30am. Good to go the whole day. I'm getting re-upped for the trip to Bali.

    In regards to the light out there, I call it "sea air". It seems to diffuse the light, and, depending on angle of the sun, etc., can lend either a harsh, unforgiving quality to the light, or make it rather... dreamy, and surreal.
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    All summer on an island Rutt??? So cool. I'm sure "mark" is excited as well...
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