David needs your DSS #59 Signals C&C

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Hello friends,

My family is in the middle of a memorable event where signals are sowing up in places I never thought of before. I would appreciate now more than ever for my friends of dgrin to give me feedback of these images since this will be a photo kept near and dear to my heart.

This is the same shot with different treatments.







I was going to name it "Coming Home" but I am up for suggestions.

Thank You,


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    Personally I like the feeling from the color in #3 and #5. Although I guess I wish the whites were not blown out quite so much.

    Not a huge fan of the vignetting in #4 and #6, but often that is just a personal preference.

    Great shots though. I think you can really make a connection with people with these.
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    Beautiful shots. I like 3 best.
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    Definitely better without the vignette. It hides the most important element in the shot (the head). Fantastic shot and I like #4 best without the vignette.

    I'm not sure about the photo of the kids. Seeing all of the smiles takes away a bit from the emotion of the shot (although others might feel differently).

    I really feel for you. I had a similar situation a year and a half ago. I'm so sorry you have to go through it.
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    First and foremost David, my very best to you and your family. I'm not 100% clear on what I'm seeing in the image but the clues within frame lead me to believe this is possibly a parent, and grandparent, at a difficult time. I love discovery in an image, but am sad about the story my mind invisions and memories it brings.
    My personal thought is this is documentary. This is real life and I personally think your processing should be minimal, staying true to the emotion of the scene. I agree with Sandi the vignette covers what I feel is the most emotional part of the image, the gentle touch of the hand to the head. This is the most touching part of the image for me. My body 'feels' the gentle stroke of that hand. Although it was probably not the intent of the shot, it so accentuates the emotion.
    On the technical, my feeling is #6 has an exposure that doesn't blow the sheets out, and doesn't have the holding of hands competing for attention. But it does have the vignette which I feel isn't needed.
    In my opinion, a beautifully told story.
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    Thank you all!
    Thank you all for your input on this image!

    About the Patient
    This is a photo of my Mother in law. She was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer back in 2005. Her doctors gave her less than 6 months. She fought a good fight miraculously beating the odds giving her time to see her Son and daughter marry and witness the birth of her 2 youngest grandchildren. Victory is near for her battle against cancer as she transitions to Hospice care.

    About the Photo
    This photo is of my wife holding her moms hand and her brother rubbing her head. The portrait of the grandkids in the background is very near and dear to my mother in law, she said her grandkids gave her the will to fight.
    Below is my final revision after receiving ya'lls feedback and that of my wife.
    I decided to title the image "When Heaven Is Near"
    During this sad time God has blessed us with many signs that she is going to a better place and that has given us great comfort and joy.

    When Heaven Is Near
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