thank you all

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the generosity of dgrinners is amazing. in just over 30 hours, we collected $5650 in donations to hurricane katrina relief! :clap :clap

but wait - smugmug is matching that amount, so our contributions really equal $11,300 (the new math!) :thumb :thumb :thumb

hold on a sec - it gets even better

smugmug's sister forum advrider the motorcycle hangout, has amassed contributions of $10,855 ... a huge number (and it would be bigger than ours, they've got nearly 17,000 members).. so let's do the math again:

dgrin: $5650 + advrider $10,855 that comes to $16,505. add in smugmug's match (thanks onethumb and baldy, and everyone at smugmug!) that means we've been able to collect and donate

$33,010 for hurricane katrina relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. give till it hurts becuase there are people hurtin'

enjoy (coming through for others) photography,


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