Weekly Assignment #150: Tough Room

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Here's the scenario: small (i.e. typical) room, ambient lighting (maybe window light, too, but beware of color mix :deal), several people, and, to make things challenging, a long lens (100mm+ on FF, 70mm+ on APC 1.6). No flash, no extra help.
Your task is to take the best candid/portrait shots you can in that environment.
Room under 20ft x 20ft.
At least 4 subjects in a room.
Up to 3 images per entry.
Non-destructive editing only (e.g. ACR/LR).
You're welcome to use WA lens to provide a setup shot.
Feel free to provide a thumbsheet of the outtakes.

Make it interesting! :deal

Can you work a tough room?
"May the f/stop be with you!"
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