Pricing a Digital Download

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I do sports photography for a local high school and sell photos to parents. My prices are very reasonable but I put a relatively high price for digital downloads. I set a price of $50 for a full-sized download assuming a parent can make unlimited 8x10's and I don't want a download to be so cheap that it kills my 8x10 sales. I have a different situation this week where a parent wants to purchase a download to send to Fathead to make a wall print. Since SmugMug doesn't offer this service, I feel a little funny charging him $50 just for a file to send to Fathead. He is not going to print a bunch of 8x10's with this. Should I lower my price for this situation or keep it high regardless of his use. I have good relations with this high school community and don't want to be unreasonable. Any thoughts? Thanks. (first time doing this so I apologize if this has been covered or I am doing this incorrectly)


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