SmugMug (and it's APIs) needs your help!

onethumbonethumb SmugMug CEO & Chief GeekPosts: 1,269Administrators Major grins
We're seriously revamping the way we handle the API, support, announcements, and discussions around it. It's become a very important part of what SmugMug does, and our developers (that's you!) are super important.

As part of that, we're trying to set up a StackExchange site and could use your help, especially if you use StackOverflow, but any and all help helps. :)

Please read my blog post about StackExchange here:

And thanks in advance for your help! More to come about the way we're going to handle announcements, improvements, end-of-life, etc, as we continue to think about it internally.


  • pearsonartphotopearsonartphoto Big grins Posts: 34Registered Users Big grins
    edited December 16, 2010
    Stack Exchange looks like a really cool tool. I've used it a few times to searched for answered questions, but now you've got me hooked;-) I'm trying to build my reputation to help Smugmug be able to be committed, but it looks somewhat slow to do so...
  • EriolEriol Beginner grinner Posts: 7Registered Users Beginner grinner
    edited March 21, 2011
    I use StackOverflow's website (powered by Stack Exchange) to get answers to programming questions every now and then.

    I actually terminated my SmugMug subscription early (i.e. I paid for a year, and then walked away) in 2010, because the API documentation was lacking, and there was no formal support. I couldn't find anything I needed in the forums.

    If you can advance formal support of the SmugMug API to where Flickr's formal support level currently is, I would be willing to pay for a SmugMug subscription again.
  • dounddound David Underhill Posts: 72Registered Users Big grins
    edited March 26, 2011
    Cool. I've committed to it but support seems to have plateaued after the proposal's initiation a few months back. Too bad.
  • BradfordBennBradfordBenn Constantly Amazed Posts: 2,506Registered Users Major grins
    edited June 17, 2013
    The SmugMug Stack Exchange site is being closed on June 20th.

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  • cmasoncmason Old dog, new tricks Raleigh, NCPosts: 2,506Registered Users Major grins
    edited June 21, 2013
    I joined, answered questions, etc. But frankly, I didn't find the format better than DGrin. I use stackexchange for other topics, and spend alot of time on, but I don't think Smugmug had enough core questions needing answers.

    Not to dig (well ok, just to dig a little), if Smugmug had been constantly adding features, API updates, etc to its core product during the SE beta, it would have been much more useful. As it is, there isn't much to talk about that hasn't been covered for 4+ years.
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