Mini-Challenge #111 "Winter Scene" Winners

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Holy Cow! Some absolutely amazing photos this time around! :bow:bow:bow to everyone!

Honorable Mentions:



SimpsonBrothers - Half Dome


ic4u - 2. Winter Morning Barn Scene


DsrtVW - Tahoe under full Moon


sdways01 - Burning bush at night during a snow storm


5th Place

senorjax - First snow triptych


4th Place

Kdotaylor - Winter Trees


3rd Place

HoofClix - #3


2nd Place

ghinson - Brant Point in a White Christmas


1st Place



Again...congats to everyone! Dave, the torch is passed once again. :clap


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    thumb.gif I don't envy you having to figure out which photos to exclude - there were a lot of excellent pictures in this challenge.

    Kudos to everyone who made the list!!! thumb.gif
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    Congrats to all who entered and those that placed. Superb set of photos!clap.gif
  • davevdavev Getting older by the day Posts: 3,116Registered Users Major grins
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    This is a total surprise.
    Thanks Brian for selecting my shot.

    Congrat's to everyone that entered or placed.
    The amount of great photos in this thread will be hard to beat in future mini's, but you never know. :D

    Like I say, this caught me way off guard, so I have nothing in mind for the next one.
    I'll come up with something by tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned.

    (and thanks to everyone that made a comment on my shot)

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    Congrats, Dave! Excellent shot. A standout among many excellent shots.

    Congrats to the other entrants as well - great work!
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    Congrats Dave and all who placed as well as all who entered. Every photo submitted seemed to be better than the one before - amazing shots and I have no idea how you could choose. Well done!clap.gif
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    Don't know how you decided! Congrats to all of the winners and mentions! Great job all..bowdown.gif
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  • JoeliveJoelive Joelive Posts: 10Registered Users Big grins
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    Just a great group of photos. Lots of photographers active in snow and cold. Congrats to all winners.
  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKPosts: 7,026Super Moderators moderator
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    Great pick Brian! Congrates to Dave for his awesome eagle! Thanks Brian for the HM of one of mine. Some awesome entries made for a great challenge!
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