D7000 Firmware Update 1.01

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FYI in case you hadn't seen, last week Nikon released the first firmware update for the new D7000. This updated firmware is claimed to correct some reported issues of hot pixels during long exposure video recording. I haven't had any problems with my body, but I upgraded my firmware just to be safe.

You can download the firmware from Nikon here:

The update process is really simple - just copy the new firmware to your SD card, and then on the camera go to the Firmware Version screen and an update option will appear. It took about 90 seconds for mine to update, and afterwards I am at version 1.01. Conveniently, none of the settings on the camera were reset, so it was very painless.

I am encouraged with how quickly Nikon reacted to the hot pixel issue and created a firmware update. I'm optimistic that any future problems, and perhaps even enhancements will be addressed with an easy firmware update, although I don't have my hopes up for the latter. Either way, I'm impressed with Nikon's response.




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    Thanks. thumb.gif

    I added this thread link to the "Camera Firmware Update Links" sticky.
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