photo association (the dgrin game!)

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auraflora had a great idea:
auraflora wrote:
I have an idea for a new thread which can be "sticked". We have it on our several of our Israeli photograpy forums and it is just lots of fun for everyone. It is a game called "Free Association".

One person posts a photo. Then another person posts any other photo according to the association that the first photo prompted him/her. And so on and so one with the rest.

Ex: first photo: white dove
second photo: bride
third photo: ring

You end up getting a long chain of photos--with different associations--lots of laughs(most of the time) and some insight into the way people think.

c'mon and play. at the end (a long time fom now, i hope!) we'll get all the photos up to the dgrin smugmug site in one gallery. btw - i think the photos should speak for themselves - iow, no need to explain the "association."

i'll start:



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