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I am a website designer and administrator of a website hosting company. I am also very interested in photography. I love the idea of online photo contests and want to start a website dedicated to just that. Heres what I am thinking for the website:

- Weekly and/or monthly contests
- Small cash prizes of $5, $10 and $20.
- Voting by members/other photographers and an Admin Selection
- Possibility of asking photographers that enter to pay $.50 or $1 per entry to help raise funds for the prizes

What do you think?
Is this something that you (as a photographer) would be interested in?

Also, if I get some decent support i would like a partner or two to help me get this off the ground. Some assistance from "Digital Grin" would be great as well to attract photographers.

All input is greatly appreciated.

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    A couple of thoughts. First, IMHO the site would need more than just photo contests to attract participants. It would need a cachet of some kind. Second, sounds like a way to make money, if it catches on and the site gets lots of submissions. Again, to get money out of folks, IMHO the site would need an additional draw. ne_nau.gif
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    Getting a new site off the ground is always tough. You'll need to offer something to the photographers that they can't get anywhere else, and I don't think charging them will be it.

    I honestly wouldn't do it if I were to get charged for an entry.

    Good luck!
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    same value in prize right here, and there's no fee for entry mwink.gif
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