Color Cast Removal part deux



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    MarkR wrote: »
    I think you did great. How did you achieve your final image. Show your work! :D

    Haha.... my husband was right when he told me some time ago - "Be careful, you might get what you asked for" :-) I feel like a little fool for assuming what Grad School meant and a bit intimidated after reading the guide lines! Which I should have read before jumping into here. Well, never mind I'll try my best.....

    This exercise taught me a lot:

    * always faithfully record the changes you make in the layers

    * be correct in labelling the different versions of your work

    * be discriptive and save in one place

    * be tidy!!!!!

    So here goes....

    As always I started out in ACR to do all the basics , global work (white balance, black point etc. tone curve, HSL etc.)

    Then I moved into PS for the finer points - I like to work with rough selections, masks - I feel it gives me great control over the colors especially with a problem like your pic poses ...

    1... I did do Noise Reduction with "Noise Ninja" which normally does do a good job but when comparing it with the latest ACR Noise Reduction it falls short in my opinion - (would be interested in some opinions on this topic)

    2... used Adjustment layer Hue/Sat and desaturated yellow/green/blue in the background - painted back the colors in the objects (pics,, stained glass, green t-shirt, red chairs etc.)

    3... new Adjustment layer Photo Filter 'Blue' to put some color back into the backround to achieve that pristine look.

    4... then I used the blending mode Screen to taste - that finished the background nicely off, I thought.

    5...used Adjustment Selective Colors to saturate the blues/reds and cyans in the color objects to taste.

    6... I didn't quite like the effect of the stained glass und reflections on the floor up till now, so I dragged a copy of the original dark JPEG pic underneath my working layer and carefully painted the colors back but with less opacity - at the same time I took care of the eagle and the shepherd's crook.

    BTW. I am very much aware of color bleeding when doing these adjustments, so I tidy up a lot when necessary.

    7... As a last step I went into LAB mode with the clean pic for contrast and a bit of color boost.

    Thanks again, Mark - I know your image very intimately now and my thirst for learning has increased.
    Cheers, Bee
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