Lightning Photos

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Shot with 24-70 F2.8 at different ISO and exposures and from F16 to F2.8 depending on where and when. I guess you could call it a new hobby since I got the 24-70 but if I see weather on the radar I'm looking for lightning shots, but not exactly storm chasing, I let it come to me instead. First 4 are from July 10th over Duluth, MN.. last couple right here in town last night before the sky opened up and it really stormed.

1. F13 ISO 100 15 second exposure

2. F10 ISO 100 20 second exposure

3. F8 ISO 100 20 second exposure

4. My personal favorite from July 10th, or any other actually. F8 ISO 100 20 second exposure

5. Really busy shot from the back porch of the house, I went down to a more open area afterwards, but in this one there's a 'man' running on top of the tree. F4.5 ISO 100 20 second exposure

6. F5 ISO 100 30 second exposure
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