STREET: LIFE - a gallery review

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I enjoyed attending a new exhibit mounted at the DRKRM gallery in Los Angeles and took advantage of the opportunity to play journalist / reviewer for our dGRIN Street aficionados.

This is a group show focusing on the genre of street photography rather than the work of one artist. The works of fourteen photographers are represented in twenty-eight black & white prints.


The exhibit was mounted by John Matkowski, owner and curator of the gallery, an accomplished and respected film and print specialist.

A friend and neighbor, photographer Alan Kroeber, first told me of the new show, in which some of his work is featured.

Being ever punctual I arrived precisely at 7:00 PM and enjoyed a viewing with little interference from the small group of fellow early-bird attendees. And good thing because I understand the crowd grew substantially later in the evening after I departed.



Photographer Suzanne Rubin (L) was in attendance with her daughter. Two of Mr. Kroeber's works, "Ricochet" and "Patina" are visible in the background.


The displayed works represent a timeline spanning 1940 to the present and outside of obvious indicators such as clothing styles of the subjects I was intrigued by the timelessness of street photography.

Amused by the obvious similarities in her headdress with that of one of the subjects of Richard Sandler's "Van Cleef" (1986) this lady respectfully "insisted" I snap her... :wink


And this being Los Angeles the inevitable appearance of a Hollywood celebrity could be counted on:

Lily Tomlin with John Matkowski:


Over Ms Tomlin's right shoulder is perhaps my favorite piece in the exhibit (sorry Alan), Lou Stoumen's "Sea of Hats" (1940)

Another period piece is Philip Weiner's "Newstand" (1947). A remarkable presentation of an archival pigment print from an original color negative. On hand for the first ever gallery presentation of Mr. Weiner's work were his son and widow.


If you're in LA and love Street I recommend a visit.



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