Elinchrom Remotes * LIKE NEW * Style S 300S 600S 1200S * EL 19331 * (buy 3 get 1 FREE

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** LOWERED asking price **

I am offering 4 Elinchrom Remote Control EL 19331 Style S sets, which includes a 4', 7-contact cable with each set.

(see note below for a FREE set)

Each of these Elinchrom Remote Control Sets are LIKE NEW IN BOX, and have never been used.

These remotes are used on the Elinchrom S style monolights. 300S 600S 1200S.

As you know, these allow you to adjust the monolight settings from the camera position, and/or, allow you to change the settings, without having to go into a light diffuser or light boxes.

Asking 145.00 (each set)... Includes: USPS Priority shipping, Insurance, Delivery Confirmation.

*Note: If you purchase three sets for my asking price, I will include the fourth set for FREE...
(in other words buy 3, get 1 free)

Sales to USA Lower 48 only.


Below is a link for product description..



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    ** LOWERED asking price **
  • rantonishakrantonishak Big grins MichiganRegistered Users Posts: 11 Big grins
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    Lowered asking price
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    any left?
    Good morning. I know this was 2011, but do you still have any of these for sale?

    Thanks and Happy Holidays,
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    Ron - the original poster hasn't visited Dgrin since March 2013. I'm gonna go ahead and mark this SOLD.
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