Fixing flat looking faces

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Here is another trick from Dan Margulis. This one is very different from the CMYK contract enhancement + cast removal usuallly associated from Dan.

Here is a portrait that came out underexposed and missing depth in the face:


and here it is after photoshop postprocessing:


Here is what I did.
  1. Start in RGB
  2. Make a duplicate layer
  3. Apply image, green channel to RGB composite of duplicate layer, resulting in a black and white image.
  4. Change blending option of duplicate layer to Luminosity.
  5. Flatten image
  6. Move to LAB
  7. Curves, steepen A+B channels, move light endpoint of the L curve a touch toward darkness.
  8. Sharpen the L channel.
  9. Back to RGB, Done!
This is a lot of steps, but not actually hard. No backtracking. it just works.
If not now, when?
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