Mini Challenge #129 - Winners

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Well... I'd like to point out that picking the winners is tough when the theme's so vague. I'll try to make a point of not offending anyone with the selections... Feel free to point out others you would have pointed to... Okay... enough.

Honorable mentions to...

ConCoconut for what looks like his/her first Dgrin post that contains both literal and figurative points. Cool.

I really enjoy Froch's Point of Focus... especially when I see the varying directions individuals in the crowd are looking. And I can't help but think the headless female torso is lusting after the armless male.

DaveV's majestic buck simply because is such an amazing photo. Wow!

pedalgirl's wonderful image reminds us that "harmony" is often found just off the well traveled road. (And what an amazing road it is... Hwy 1 on the coast of California should be on everyone's "must see - must drive" list!)

Second Runner-up to:
MichaelLockhart for Glock'ed & Loaded. Every time I looked at it, I thought "Whoa.. I better pick this for something, or I could be in big trouble... hope it didn't need to win :huh

Runner up to lizzardnyc for an amazing study in point of view and context. A fabulous shot and processing, framing that brings it all together.

And the winner is....
Photo-funtasia for this wonderful look at a busy crosswalk. Not sure why, but this just grabs my attention and doesn't let go. Very cool! So, Tatiana... MC #130 is all yours!
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    OMG... Thank you much Bill wings.gif

    The thing is that I always tried to avoid winning in these mini's because I don't know what theme to choose for the next contest...rolleyes1.gif

    Please let me think and I'll come with something by tonight or latest tomorrow morning...

    Thank you again so much - Wow! :D
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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    Thank you for 2nd Runner-Up and gratz to everyone who participated.
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    Congrats to Tatiana and everyone else! Great work!
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    Congrats, Tatiana! And welcome back! I was worried about you. :D I hope your business is doing well.

    Lots of great entries in this round. I am sure it was hard to decide.
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    Thank you very much to both of you.

    Unfortunately my business is not doing so great, even though I worked very hard on it.

    - sometimes external factors that we cannot control strike and I'm not sure what to do to recover...
    I came back to photography for a little relaxation, so I don't lose my mind :)
    Tatiana - Seeing the world through my camera ...... Facebook
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    Thanks for the honorable mention!! That was one of my favorite photos from my trip up the coast. Believe it our not that was taken with my old point and shoot through the windshield ... while driving!! Of course some creative post processing didn't hurt... especially since it was so overcast that day. :)
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    Thanks for the HM, and Congrat's to Photo-funtasia.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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