DGrin Mini-Challenge #131 "Story Time" Winners

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I am humbled… My first realization is that I would not have competed very well in my own challenge: there are some tremendous entries here. I have enjoyed visiting and revisiting the thread to see what the members were putting forth.

I have decided to comment on one of each member’s entries. If you took the trouble to enter, I should make the effort to offer feedback. My caveat is that I am host of this contest by the fortuitous selection of my entry in the last contest as “winning photo” and not due to any claimed expertise on the challenge subject. So I hope the comments are helpful and perhaps even insightful.


This is a wonderful capture of an event that everyone participates in regularly. You have captured the moment perfectly with his eyes directly behind the match. This is complemented by the girls eyes and the boy on the left edge. The other partials heads and the public setting all add to the interest and need to return to view this photo again and again. Probably the best birthday party photo I have seen. And very well processed, too!


Okay, I have changed my opinion on where the focus should be on this one. You got it perfect. Why? Because this shot is all emotion. It evokes something melancholy here. The focus is on the girl connecting with the guy, who is deep in emotional thoughts… Simplicity itself, but each viewing brings the same reaction from me


Intriguing photo – I assume it is taken in Africa and looks to be a rite of passage for the two girls. Can’t figure out what is speckled on their heads and the reason they are carrying the baskets. Exotic places always have a story.


Who is this woman and why is she standing there? Is she a homeless person whose possessions are in the shopping cart or is she of means as hinted by the Lexus. Or none of the above. Not sure on the tilt here and I would experiment with upping the brightness a bit.


Lighthearted capture of a costumed event. I like the sense of the two strutting guys being stared at (almost in amazement) at the seated guys.


I really like this “dumpster diver” shot (and don’t recall seeing it previously). It is just too weird for him to be coming up for air with his earphones in place. The surrounding elements all complement the subject well. One of my favorites of yours.


The guy is thinking, but about what? It is a good example of people being interesting, but without context or a wider setting, it is good for a only a one time viewing.


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    Only “Red Xs” show for me, so I went to your gallery. The shots are beautiful – I encourage others to view the processing beauty of the shots. Most do not stand with its own story, but make a nice collection.

    kate h clark

    Welcome to DGrin! This is a good start for “street” photography (come visit our contentious “Street and PJ” forum). I want to explore everyone in the shot, but there is nothing to lock my eyes onto because of the angles of the people, mostly from their backsides. The musician might have served this purpose but he is not prominent enough.


    This is a warm tender photo that tugs at the heartstring. Beautifully composed and captured (perfect shooting angle). I love the hand on the book and the little doll foot.

    This one has me laughing. First, I hope those are not your keys. But that mischievous seagull is creating a story for someone that will be told repeatedly.


    Excellent father and son fishing moment. You chose the appropriate shooting angle and I like how you snapped as they were talking.

    Sword and Scales

    This is the best of the Occupy shots with the mesmerized gaze on her PC lit face mirrored by the girl on the left edge. What is it that they see that the others with their backs turned are oblivious to?[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    Well seen and taken shot with the surfer couple. Birds add to the composition. Weak, though, on a story to hold attention.
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    When I saw this entry, I knew the bar had been set extremely high. And I was rooting for the competition to rise to the challenge, which it did! Ironically, the subject of the shot is a photo. But instantly, it is not seen as a photo but as an idea that came from a man that will forever be in the American discussion. Then there is power and raw emotion in the hand and eyes of the man holding the photo. This is reflected in the faces and body language of the other passengers. Then I become captivated by the press outside the bus, from their youthfulness to their equipment. But I have to keep returning to the main subject before exploring again. At the umteempth viewing I notice there is a second bus… Besides being compelling visually/photographically, this photograph elevates itself to the top because I want and need to know more.


    Wonderful street shot of a steep hill that steepens further down. Meanwhile, the woman puts one foot after another and contrasts well with the others who seem oblivious to the steepness of the hill.


    Rarely would I prefer a selectively colored shot, but the red of the flower (?) brings the eye right there to begin the exploration of the shot. Blurry soldier and flagpole on edge make for a nice dynamic composition.


    Kid looks at musician bringing a smile to the other musician. And family looks at the kid looking at the musician. Nice triangle and a feel good shot.


    The portrait of the street “hoodlum” is so well-done. The eyes are weirdly processed and works perfectly. Brick wall adds just enough setting. So I feel some unease at looking at him. He is not quite threatening, but he is not someone to mess with, either. He is not someone I expect you to say “He is so nice once you get to know him…”.


    Your mother shot with kids is well-captured but this one is so well-done even if I have no idea what is going on. The woman is fully into what activity is occurring and the nebulous hands adds such a sense of weirdness to it.


    I like the energy of the pillow fight that you have captured. The main subject is having a blast and there are feathers, pillows, and cameras everywhere!

    I love the kid running (did it win a challenge?) but want to comment on this one. The placement of the subject is perfect to draw attention there and then to go further into the shot to explore the crowd. Most of the faces are drawn to him and this has my eyes jumping around the crowd.


    This captures the carefree summer days of childhood perfectly. Perfect moment for the shutter to click (and selection of shutter speed) with some kids airborne and others just launching. Meanwhile the adult just sits there mellowing out.


    Good sense of concentration on the chess board with the subject. The hood of his opponent brings all the attention to him.
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    This combined with the subway shot (which is the best subway shot I have seen posted) give two very strong entries. This “young love” shot is such a tender scene. Oblivious to the rain with a goofy faced smile… Balancing the shot is the other couple on the other bench with the umbrella. Who stops in a rainstorm to sit on a bench? And forming a triangle is the third couple walking away in the background. And the raindrops are visible enough to add the perfect touch. Technically with your camera/film/processing, your photos stand out from the crowd as well. Having this in your hands with your eye/experience makes viewing your photos a pleasure.


    Slightly intriguing shot with some promise. Would have liked to have seen a bit farther view with more of the setting and more texture from the stump. Also a little more contrast, even with the flare.


    That’s a lot of dog walkers in the rain. I like the streaking of the raindrops without blurring the people and the diagonal line of people. Processing gives it a visual treat.


    This captures his animated participation. Interestingly, his and the nearby people don’t look angry versus having a good time. And I encourage further exploration of black and white because the red in this shot keeps drawing the eyes away from the faces and the subject, which is his face and arm.


    How much story is told in a family shot? More than I might have thought previous to seeing your photos. I assume these are three generations, likely at a family gathering. And their comfort and playing to the camera gives a feeling of comfort and a positive take on their relationship. Potential realization: on warm feel-good shots like these, color with warm skin tones may add to the shot.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]


    Wonderful set of shots. This one blows me away! The overall seriousness of the situation hits hard immediately, with my eyes starting at the instrument then going to the doc’s face. Then it flips to the nurse and the onlooking soldier’s expressions. Then there is a slight disconnect with the partially obscured face of the t-shirt clad person (Geez, are they outdoors?). Then my eyes wander to the patient and the mask held near his face. Then the nurse in the back… Everywhere I look something captures my attention.


    Well-executed wedding shot. His eyes being closed adds so much because the viewer is left to interpret his thoughts and emotions at this fleeting moment.


    This is a visually interesting shot with the layers upon layers of objects. The duotone treatment and the birdcage gives a sense of antiquity.
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    And the winners are...
    Everyone is a winner with their entry and participation. Under the rules, I have to choose, so...

    HONORABLE MENTIONS Shout-outs: (or a tie for THIRD place...)

    lizzard_nyc (birthday)
    Evan Lavine (couple on beach)
    HeatherFeather (sleeping child)
    Davev (kids jumping off bridge)
    michswiss (couple in rain)

    SECOND place ("In the event the winner of this pageant cannot fulfill his duties...")


    Kudos to a tremendous shot. Made it really tough for me to choose a winner...

    FIRST place:


    Congratulations for being the photographer behind this superb shot!

    Mini-Challenge #132 is in your hands!
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    Congrats to bdcolen! Great shot! Thanks to rainbow for all the great feedback! Just for a little back story on my photo... this was a charity walk for 2milliondogs.org who raises money for canine cancer. It poured rain but so many canine survivors and their owners came showed up anyway. I was honored to be asked to be their official photographer for the day. This shot just spoke to me... so I had to "enhance" it.
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    Congrats, bdcolen! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next mini!

    Thanks, rainbow, for a fun challenge and for taking the time to provide all that feedback. I am honored to have placed second in such a lineup of wonderful photos.
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    THanks for this challenge Rainbow but also for the commentary (and the and the HM :D).

    Congratulations to the HMs, Richtels and B.D.'s winning photo clap.gif.

    B.D. a background story on this please.

    Just waiting to see what you choose as a topic for the next challenge.
    Liz A.
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    Congratulations, bdcolen! So many fine photographs and interesting stories in this challenge. Rainbow, thank you for taking (what must have been oodles of) time to give everyone thoughtful comments on an entry!

    (The story behind the shot of two girls in Africa is that they are orphans who were asked to be flower girls for a wedding - actually a renewal of wedding vows. The couple (who have several children) run an orphanage and chose to have these girls take this role. I was intrigued by the contrast of the flower girls' clothing with their shoes, the solemn expressions seen in the crowd behind them, etc. That shiny stuff is some kind of glitter, and it shows up on their daughters as well - seen just behind the flower girl on the left.)
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    Kudos to all!
    Kudos to all the entrants and especially the winners! There was definitely some killer kaptures here! Thanks for the commentary! Nicely done everyone!
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    THanks for this challenge Rainbow but also for the commentary (and the and the HM :D).

    Congratulations to the HMs, Richtels and B.D.'s winning photo clap.gif.

    B.D. a background story on this please.

    Just waiting to see what you choose as a topic for the next challenge.

    Background story - but first an apology: The more I think about it, the guiltier I feel about having entered this challenge, and about entering this photo. And the more I think that Liz should be thought of as the winner. Okay, with the mea culpa out of the way, the rest of the story.

    At the time of his assassination in April, 1968, the Rev. Martin Luther King was planning a "Poor People's Campaign, which would bring mule-drawn wagons to Washington, loaded with poor folks, who would then establish a tent city in East Potomac Park, near the Lincoln Memorial.

    Despite the assassination, the Poor People's Campaign got off the ground, and demonstrators descended on DC and encamped on U.S. Park Service land. I can no longer remember how many people were living in the tent city called Resurrection City, in the mud and muck that the camp site quickly became, but there were quite a few. I do remember Jesse Jackson and Ralph Abernathy being part of the scene, as well as a Chicago street gang/Black power group called the P Stone Rangers supplying "security." Anyway, like OWS the campaign dragged on for some time until finally, on June 19, 1968, U.S. Park Police ordered the campaign to vacate the park. The majority of people left under their own power, but quite a few remained to be arrested and carted off to D.C. Jail in what we called "bust buses."

    This photo was taken as the last of those who participated in the Poor People's campaign were being taken away on the bust buses. I was there for the George Washington University student newspaper, with my meterless Honeywell Pentax, and Vivitar 28 mm lens, shooting Tri-X. I have a number of other images from this day, including a couple I'll post at some point . Here is a link to an NPR audio slide show of photographer Jill Freedman's photos of the campaign and Resurrection City..

    Most people on the scene that day, including Freedman, were shooting tight shots of arrested demonstrators reaching out windows. But when I spotted that picture, I decided the shot was the scene - media, demonstrators - and Martin Luther King Jr.

    As for the Mini-Challenge, I am probably going to repeat something I did as an exercise in 2009, and call for Thanksgiving images. But we'll see...
    [email protected]
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    Congratulations bdcolen - very nice PJ photo clap.gifclapclap.gif

    Thank you Rainbow for the comments :) No, the kid didn't win, but it had good reviews in the DSS #44 (Silhouettes)

    Congratulations to all for the great photos!!!
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    Thanks Rainbow for commenting on all of the photos submitted. Much appreciated. In my case, the 'flower' was a poppy on the memorial cross, btw.
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    Congrats, BD! Great shot!

    Thanks, rainbow, for all of the comments! I love hearing what others se in a photo.

    Tatiana, your running boy is one of my all time favorites.
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    WhatSheSaw wrote: »
    Congrats, BD! Great shot!

    Thanks, rainbow, for all of the comments! I love hearing what others se in a photo.

    Tatiana, your running boy is one of my all time favorites.

    Thank you so much WhatSheSaw! iloveyou.gif
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    Good, Good Job Rainbow from theme to your comments.

    B.D., that was a ringer :D
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