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Hey forum---

I will be going to the Grand Canyon in December and would like to get input from folks on locations and some of the best views/places to get shots. I will likely only be able to access the canyon from the southern rim, so I'd prefer suggestions on that side. I will be leaving from Scottsdale AZ.

I'd love your input-- I've seen some pretty fantastic shots on this forum of this amazing place-- so please let me in on the best spots!




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    I just got back from there for the first time last week. Where are you staying? How long will you be there? How far are you willing to walk?
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    Travel wrote: »
    I just got back from there for the first time last week. Where are you staying? How long will you be there? How far are you willing to walk?

    We'll be staying in Scottsdale, so it'll have to be a day trip. Walking/hiking moderate-- nothing difficult. We'll be in Scottsdale for a week, so we could return but we don't plan on staying in up there.
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    Day trip only? If it were me I would hike the Rim Trail - it's flat and easy (I think part of it is even paved), 12 miles long but there are a couple shuttle stops along the way so if you get tired and want to head back you can walk out to the road and grab the shuttle. I found that very few people took that trail except for the section closest to the village, was wonderful to have no one around, absolutely amazing views. Start at one end in the morning, you could have lunch at the village and look around, then finish the trail after lunch. If you get ambitious you can hike part way down one of the trails leading in to the canyon. That might mean not being at the most popular viewpoint for sunset (the shuttles drop people off right there), but if you like to fight the crowds you can always hop the shuttle to be where you want to be for sunset.

    The Grand Canyon is gorgeous in the snow, enjoy!
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    Bring a coat! It is 80 in Scottsdale today, and could easily be in the 20's when you get to south rim and maybe warm up to 45 by mid day. That will make for a very long day, 3 hours driving each way minimum. You can stop in Flagstaff for dinner on the way back.

    Hit the normal tourist stuff right at south rim, then jump on the free bus to one of the other overlooks, I like the western end of the loop. You can also hike a mile or so down Bright Angel trail right from main lodge. We did that a couple years ago and came across a bighorn just sitting on a ledge watching the people not 50' off the trail. Hard to tell which of us was the tourist, he seemed to enjoy the show of hikers.
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    Sorry Im here late but if you read this and are here you might want to go through Cameron and drive from east t west. Also you will get to see the Little Colorado River Gorge. When you come up I-17 just go all the way through town and ignore the signs saying to the canyon and go straight through to Cameron. But do stop for fuel on the way out, it is way cheaper than anywhere near the canyon.
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    Curious how your trip went? I am heading to Southern Utah and the Grand Canyon area this summer.
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