Street & PJ Favorites 2011

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It's that time of year again. Time to look back over the past year and pick your favorite shot. When complete, this thread will be added to the forum sticky with the previous years. The same rules apply this year as last, with one minor twist:
  • Choose one and only one shot. Yeah, I know that's hard but it will hone your editorial skills.
  • The shot needn't be your "best," only your favorite.
  • The shot must have been posted on Dgrin in 2011. If you have one that you have not previously posted, start a new thread with it before posting it here.
  • Please include a link to the original thread along with the image.
  • If you wish, you may enter someone else's shot instead of your own, but please get permission from the owner first.
  • If you want to comment on a pic, please do so in the original thread, not this one. I'd like this thread to be images only.
As usual, this is not a contest and there will be no voting or winner. It's just for the pleasure of scrolling through some great images. This thread will remain open till 15 January 2012.


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