Cops ! (nyc)

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(35mm Film)









5. And One of Firemen: "After The Fire: The Hose Line"



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    I suppose I'm having a hard time following the intent of the series with these....

    The film aspect is cool to me with all it's rich colors/grain, yet the flash is a bit overbearing on a few.

    I think #3 had the best potential. I use that word only because of the "Mama Mia" in the background, almost as an expression to the sheer firepower these guys have with their AR's. With a bit of creative framing, that could have been awesome (for me at least). But the person in the blue jacket destroyed the shot by blocking a clear view of the police.

    #4 could have been much the same kind of shot. He looks friendly enough with his facial expressions I bet you could approached him, told him what you wanted and he would have said yes. And closed eyes don't do anyone justice as does a pole coming straight out of his head. It's not just the subject you have to look at, but the whole image.

    I LOVE the "target rich" environment you and a few others who post here live in. I'd go crazy in a place like that.....

    Don't be discouraged with my comments. I'm new to this whole street thing as well.

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    I know this is going to knock some people on their keesters...But my reaction is precisely the same as Russ's. :-) I really don't see anything here except some cops at night. Sorry.
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    A XMas miracle! :-)
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    I suspect we agree on a lot more than has been evident from our earlier "discussions," BD. I got off to a bad start by assuming that a forum that called itself "Street & PJ" would consist mainly of street photography and photojournalism. I've since come to accept that even though "Street & PJ" is a bit of a misnomer, it's still a lot of fun.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all "Street & PJ" dwellers.
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    #4 is a little too flashy for my taste, but I rather like the contrast of the three women with the cop and the big automatic weapon. Makes you think about what passes for normal these days. Have we seen the fireman pic before? Looks familiar headscratch.gif.
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    Speaking of the fireman pic....

    Did anyone else have to do a double-take on the far right fireman? He looks to be suspended, walking up or jumping. Then upon closer look, the firetruck rolling door has much the same profile of a window on the building at the same height as the others. The truck just blended/melted into the side of the building. Took me a bit to figure out what I was looking at. thumb.gif

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    Either he jumped or he was an angel...
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