Map of where the world's photos are taken

jfriendjfriend Scripting dude-volunteerRegistered Users Posts: 8,097 Major grins
Kind of cool to see where more of the world's photos are taken in a color coded map:

I'm guessing this data is gathered from photos with location info in them so it's probably not representative of all photos, but still cool.
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  • NikolaiNikolai Darth SLR Registered Users Posts: 19,035 Major grins
    edited January 30, 2012
    Very cool, John, thank for sharing! thumb.gif
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  • AceCo55AceCo55 Aussie Grinner Registered Users Posts: 946 Major grins
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    That is so good ... I can see me "travelling the map" to check out everything in detail. Europe is definitely a hot spot.
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