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Some one I know has had an issue using 1366x768 source material in Premiere. He says that with 1366x768 input, when you output to 1366x768 (a wmv file I think) that what Premiere does is scale the it up to 1367x768 and then crop it. The result is that it introduces some fuzzyness.

I thought 1366x768 was reasonably common video size. Is this a known issue with Premiere? Has anyone see issues in creating 1366x768 videos?

I don't have a 1366x768 source to try things out, but I did drop a 1366x768 screen grab onto a sequence in Premiere and output it at 1366x768 and didn't see any degradation from the original. The sample image was some fine diagonal lines and the output and source had jaggies in the same places as far as I could see.

Thanks in advance for any insights!


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