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these are some photos i took of my freinds recently and tryed to give them the washed out vintage feel or just lomo/polaroid effect, let me know what you think! editing done in Lightroom & photoshop

^ nikon d7000 35mm 1.8, vivitar on camera hotshoeflash

^nikon d7000 50mm 1.4, natural light

^nikon d7000 35mm 1.8, vivitar on camera hotshoeflash
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    I think you were successful with your processing in 1 and 3. Number 2, however, feels like a high quality B&W conversion. For the Lomo look it needs some aberrations, distortion, motion blur, or something similarly "wrong" with it. That said, I think #2 is the strongest image in the series because of its simplicity and overall gentle mood. That's the one you might look back on in 20 years and say "yeah, that was great."

    Far be it from me to get in the way of the current trend-setters in the world of "artography." I tried to pull off the Lomo look once. I learned that it is just for the 25 and younger crowd. When the "older" people do it, it just comes off as uncool... or something. I lose my way when art has an expiration date.
    Please feel free to post any reworks you do of my images. Crop, skew, munge, edit, share.
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