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So I've decided I'm going to pick up a copy of lightroom but should I get the current version or wait for Adobe to release version 4?
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    Earlier this week BH Photo was selling the full version of Lightroom 3 for $70 (and several places were selling it for $130 a few days before that). There's a good chance it could go on sale again before LR 4 is released (late March/early April most likely). The upgrade from 3 → 4 will probably be $99 (that's how much it has been for past versions). If you can get it for < $100, it would be cheaper to buy LR 3 now, and pay for the upgrade, versus paying the full price for either. You could always start with the LR 3 trial or LR 4 beta (expires end of March), watch for a sale on LR 3 (then buy upgrade later), and if there isn't one, just buy LR 4 for full price when it's released.
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    I'd second that suggestion. Buy LR3 at a good sale price in the next few weeks (there will be many). That'll save you some cash on the upgrade, which you will want to do as soon as it comes out!
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    I agree with getting LR 3 at a discount price, and then upgrading to LR 4
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    FYI - Lightroom 3 is on sale at Amazon today for $90:
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