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    cmason wrote: »
    This looks fantastic, I am going to push the button on this, brilliant idea guys!

    I dont worry much about making a call while using this, as I can wait to make that call, but if one comes in a screws up a shoot, that would stink.

    However, at least on an iphone, the mute switch turns off the ring, but leaves the headphone jack working, right? (although perhaps the phone rings on headphones, not sure about that)

    Unless I'm mistaken, this cable *is* using headphone jack....
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    Nikolai wrote: »
    Unless I'm mistaken, this cable *is* using headphone jack....

    Right, I understand that. Putting the phone on mute will mute the external speaker/ringer, but you can still listen to music w headphones, therefore it does not mute the headphone jack.

    what I don't know, but suspect, is that though the external speaker/ringer doesnt sound under mute, it does 'ring' over the headphone jack.
  • eoren1eoren1 Major grins Posts: 2,391Registered Users Major grins
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    Also, I don't know that all apps/games respect the mute switch. I seem to recall a few instances where I could still hear audio despite the mute switch being on. And definitely video seems to have its own audio switch as you can get audio out while mute is on if you go to youtube.

    While I like this concept, I really think these limitations should have been clearly spelled out on the Kickstarter page. There is still not an update to tell backers about this - there is some info buried in the comments section.

    When I'm out shooting, the last thing I want to do is relegate my iphone to airplane mode and muted - especially during a long timelapse.
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    Backed! Good work, Harrington. Looking forward to taking delivery!
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    Trigger Happy remote shutter release
    [fyi, this thread was moved here, guys...]

    Hey all,

    I recently saw an article on Gizmodo about this Kickstarter project that turns your Android / iDevice into a full function shutter release. It has everything I was looking for from Nikon, and a lot more.

    I just pledged my support for the project. Maybe some of you guys will be as interested as I am...

    Link to kickstarter.
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