Strollercam! (DIY video solutions)

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Last night, I went to the monthly meeting of the DC Film Salon. The topic was do-it-yourself video gear solutions. Les Owen, of the US Army Band, presented his strollercam rig. Check out my blog post about making it and lessons learned.

Feel free to share any of your DIY creations here or on the blog.
Thanks y'all!
Irene Rojas


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    Irene, am not into video, but DIY rigs are a different matter, since I like to get close to water level when shooting appropriate subjects.

    I've tried tripods - I also use a video head with the 500 when using one - but just can't get low enough for my tastes ... assuming I want to keep the head out of the water.

    Linked pics show one rig, which I can 'plug into'a river bank or similar - 2 contact points at the bank, third is via the end of the leg that lowers onto the river bed by rotating the knob.

    Other gear is based on a 9in diameter lazy susan turntable - this offers support outside the mass centre of the rig, rather than a central vertical pivot - and a home made bean bag.

    Another rig is based around a similar turnable mounted atop an old cast ali washing machine pulley -this I just throw into shallow (fairly level) water, wriggle around to level ... and use.

    I suspect these rigs aren't of much use / interest to video types as there's no head involved ... and you don't want to take low level shots of water fowl anyway :)

    ... but it might just offer a tad of inspiration,maybe ... ?

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    Funny. I've never seen a Strollercam, but have seen plenty of wheelchair dollys. Really, anything with large wheels should move smoothly on even surfaces. Sure beats putting down track if you don't have to.

    -Rob Pauza
    Rob Pauza Photography
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    Thanks y'all! I love seeing photos of people's DIY projects!
    Irene Rojas
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