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All-sorry for the new threads. I am developing my photos from a recent trip to New Zealand and Australia and am posting them in drips and drabs.

This next set is from Marlborough wine country.

Marlborough wine country is simply beautiful and relaxing. Here are a few from that day:




And of course...



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    Eric, I really like where you're going with #3. I think the composition is a little loose on it, but it evokes a feeling of "I want to be there," which is nice.

    What lens are you using on the first two? There's quite a bit of chromatic aberration (fixable in your post) and the corners seem a bit soft. I wish the road created a stronger line in the first shot.

    I'll have to check out your other threads!
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    Dude, you really get around. :wow

    Another excellent set from you. Comps and processing are spot on. These shots could go right into a travel brochure. Great job. thumb.gif
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