Nikon D700

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Forgot to update this... this has sold.

I recently bought a D800 so my prized D700 now needs to go. This has been a great camera for me and will be a great camera for you.

Looking at the images in Lightroom this has taken about 25k images, the shutter is rated for 150k actuations.

Includes everything that came with the camera when I bought it, manuals, CD, warranty card (not filled out), strap, battery charger, battery, etc. I am also including a second battery that I bought for it as well.

The camera is in great shape other than a few minor blemishes on the exterior from being taken in and out of my backpack so many times. One of the photos below has them highlighted. The plastic cover covering the LCD screen is scratched, I ordered a brand new cover (which should be arriving in the next day or so) is also included with the camera.

I am located in the Baltimore/DC metro area and am free to meet you.

$1875 Shipped/PayPal'd/Insured/etc.
$1800 Picked up.

Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks!



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