Mini Challenge #141 -- Trick/Creative Photography RESULTS

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This is the RESULTS thread for Round #141 of the Dgrin Mini-Challenge

Thanks to everyone who submitted entries for this round of "trick/creative photography", I enjoyed every one of them, and this decision was not easy! Special thanks to those of you who went out to shoot specifically for this mini-challenge, which was not a requirement. Hope you had fun, and your results were impressive!

All entries can be viewed HERE in the original thread.

Following are my winning choices...

3RD PLACE goes to richtersl "Painting with my Camera #2"


This photograph perfectly captures the intended "painterly" outcome and I could easily see this hanging in an artists' gallery. Nice job!

goes to davev's untitled shot:


This striking photograph would have certainly been the winner if I was basing my decision solely on "wow factor!". I also agree with 'chrisj' that the first photo in dave's series had more interesting colors, while this one featured a more dramatic pose. In the end, it felt like a compromise was being made between the two. In any case, I'm a lover of all things medieval, so I found the images to be spectacular. I also thought that one of them would be the sure winner, however each time I revisit the postings, my eye and my heart keeps coming back to this...

1ST PLACE goes to Alans Grin "Rejecting It":


This image struck me emotionally the very first time I saw it, and I am simply captivated by it. In my head, I instantly hear the song "Life Going By" by one of my all-time favorite bands. Each time I view the image, I hear the song. This image conveys (to me) a gentlemen pondering something of significant magnitude in his life, while everyone else hurries by with no interest but their own.

I wondered if I would perhaps be alone in choosing this as the winning shot, so I showed the thread to my wife for her unbiased opinion. Without hesitation, she picked the same. I often attempt long-exposure self-portraits like this when traveling in faraway places. Me standing there, people scurrying by, but none have felt nearly as intimate, and I'm in them!

Congratulations Alan! :thumb


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    Congratulations to all the winners and participants! There were many fun and creative shots. Thank you chrisdg for conducting this intriguing mini challenge!

    Eagerly awaiting Alan's new mini...
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    Wow - great shots everyone and congratulations to the runners up - I enjoyed all the shots.

    You caught me off guard Chris by picking my shot, but many thanks.
    Hmmm, I'll try to pick a new subject and start the thread by end of today - hopefully I'll do it right, being a newbie round here!

    Thanks again.


    PS - I'm always worried when I show this shot - I'd like to think my personality is a little bit more up beat than this very moody shot implies!
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    Well done indeed! Congrats to all and very well deserved! I am in love with "life going by" clap.gif
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    Thanks for the nod, Chris. Congrats to Dave and to Alan. I loved both your entries!!!
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    Congrat's Alan, and thanks for the second place nod Chris.

    Basking in the shadows of yesterday's triumphs'.
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    Three fine choices. Kudos to all!
    Bill Banning

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    completely agree with the rankings - and thanks alan for explaining what you did, seems easy enough i may even try something similar if i can find a good spot.
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