Security issue in CS5 / Adobe rant

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Adobe has announced that there is a buffer overflow vulnerability in CS5 which permits a maliciously crafted TIFF file to execute arbitrary code in both Windows and OS-X. In plain English, this means that a TIFF file can infect your machine.

Adobe's solution? Upgrade to CS6. That's right, folks, they are not planning on issuing a fix for CS5. Now it is not uncommon for software vendors to stop patching older software at some point. Apple's Flashback fix does not cover OS-X 10.5 or earlier, for example. Microsoft isn't patching Win2K anymore, though they are still supporting XP, which is now over 10 years old. CS5 became "obsolete" less than a week ago. What is truly galling is that the bug was reported to Adobe in September, 2011. Not only did they fail to address the issue in a timely fashion, they didn't even let us know about it until they could use the issue to pump sales of their latest product.

Really classy, Adobe.


Edit: Just a clarification. Don't panic. Your own TIFF files are perfectly safe and there's no reason to stop using CS5. Just beware of opening TIFFs from untrusted sources in Photoshop.


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