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I'll be travelling over 2 or 3 days in September from Brisbane to Byron Bay to attend a wedding and then heading back to Brisbane.

I was wondering if any of the locals on this forum would have some great tips on where to to head to with my 7D. I'm a free man (ie. wife and kids staying at home:clap) so can hike and take all the time in world. i'll also be renting a car.

Last time I was in the neighbourhood I stumbled upon the Glass House Mountains and am pretty certain there are some great spots to shoot them. Any recommendations?

Glass-wise I'll be travelling with a Canon 24mm-105mm F4, a Canon 50mm F1.4 and a Sigma 70mm-200mm F2.8. Am wondering if I should rent something a little longer such as a 300mm.



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    Heading to Byron from Brisbane, turn right somewhere around Robina. There is a lovely windy road that takes you up around the mountains behind Murwillumbah. Stop at Natural Arch, as well, visit Mt Warning. A little further south of Mt Warning are Nightcap National Park as well as the Border Ranges National Park where there is a fantastic narrow bit of mountain that you can walk along.

    From there you can head south into Nimbin, Lismore and then Byron. Quite spectacular country.

    At dusk in Byron, you might want a tripod to hold the camera while you look inland from the beach. The mountains are stunning.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Scott for the tips, certainly looks promising:)
    All the best
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