How wide is wide enough

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Okay I recently did a fun shoot of a house to see what I could do for playing with realty style shots.

I shot it with a D700 with a 17-35 and also a 13mm Vivitar. Well I know what you are already going to say. The Vivitar is not worthy of shooting for anything but fun. Well actually I was pretty impressed with the ability of the lens. A bit of problem with flare but adjusting the angle and adding fill light helped.
The other thing was that the Vivitar was pretty straight on the edges. Granted it is not a 14-24 but for a fraction of the cost it did the job.

Any hew, as I was shooting some of the areas of interest I noticed that there was not much of a difference between 13 and 17. I could just step back two feet and whala I got the same angle.

Okay enough rambling from me. The question is what is the correct lens to use for shooting realty or architectural shots?

Thanks bunch.

FYI The reason for this question is that the realtor I talked to said it was not wide enough. One problem I did was to include too many shots that were not wide angle but rather pictures to try and depict the highlights of the house.

I am kinda afraid to ask but if you would like to give feedback on the pictures I took please go to, but please be nice about the feedback.

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