Noiseware 5.0 Free Upgrade

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Imagenomic has released a new version of Noiseware. New UI, full 64-bit compatibility (even on Mac :D), other under the hood improvements as well. The really nice thing is that the Professional Plugin version is being provided as a free upgrade to users of version 4.x. Read all about it: http://www.imagenomic.com/nw.aspx?f=features

I have only tested it briefly, but so far so good...(Windows) installation was completely automatic and it found and incorporated all my old custom presets. The new UI is cleaner but the controls and process don't seem to have changed much from 4.0.


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    pathfinderpathfinder Super Moderators Posts: 14,698 moderator
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    I just got this notice in my email this morning too - you early riser on the east side of the pond beat me to it, Richard.

    This looks quite encouraging, for those of us who strongly prefer NoiseWare over all other noise reducers. Very encouraging indeed.

    Now I will have to get CS6 to install this in, I think.
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    arodneyarodney Registered Users Posts: 2,005 Major grins
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    Cool! Downloading now. They spent SO much time getting a 64-bit upgrade, they probably had to give it away for free but it is a good move on their part to do so. While I use the product less thanks to Lightroom 4’s better NR, this is a great tool to have as well for really noisy images.
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