Bitch in the surf

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Vickie (my lab) is a pretty seasoned body surfer.



If not now, when?


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    Fun with the Dawg :D I had a German Shepherd that loved the tennis ball and water. He could hold his breath underwater and pick up the same rock you threw in.

    His love of tennis balls was expensive though. He had a habit of drinking from the toilet and would of course have his well bitten and chewed tennis ball in his mouth. He would drop the ball in toilet, drink and forget about it. Of course the women in the house never looked in the bowl before going and flushing so...

    I must have replaced 5 toilets from ones I could not retrieve even after removal and running a snake through it.I must have succesfully removed balls 10 times .Damn funny now . :D

    Cool pictures of your dog in action thumb.gif

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