The New Gap in SmugMug Services



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    Art ScottArt Scott Registered Users Posts: 8,959 Major grins
    edited November 28, 2012
    pilotdave wrote: »
    I assume Art Scott already declined the offer? :D

    thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Nope never even crossed my mind and I saw the posting within 1 minute of it being posted... ... ... ... ... ... I am doing what I love and so I am extremely happy.
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    MarkRMarkR Registered Users Posts: 2,099 Major grins
    edited November 28, 2012
    Baldy wrote: »
    I've been on the hunt for someone we can dedicate to dgrin and some other photography forums and I think....Baldy knocks very hard on wood....we're close.

    The thing is we're looking for someone quite technical because the complexity of the questions being asked is deeper each year. And they have to work at our HQ because they need to have face-to-face with engineers & QA. And they need to know SmugMug cold and have been a working, successful photographer. And a nice person who can take a punch.

    Where does one find so mythical a person? If you know someone who would fit the bill, let us know because we're close to making an offer.

    It's harder now for Don and I to post as often as we used to because of the size of our customer base and the other channels we work like facebook, Google+, Twitter, our help desk, yada. We won't go away, but all of us will be helped if the person we hire is really on it.

    Wouldn't that be Andy-I-don't-work-for-Smugmug?
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    mbellotmbellot Registered Users Posts: 465 Major grins
    edited November 28, 2012
    MarkR wrote: »
    Wouldn't that be Andy-I-don't-work-for-Smugmug?

    No, his name is Andy-I'm-Sorry-I-don't-work-for-Smugmug-Anymore.

    And if that's the kind of communicator Baldy is looking for...
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