Canon 7D Firmware Update 2.0.3

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From Canon USA Product Advisories:

Firmware version 2.0.3 incorporates the following fixes.
1. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera stops working when the auto power off setting takes effect.
2. Fixes a phenomenon in which the maximum number of images that can be captured in a burst may be less than the actual number displayed in the viewfinder.
3. Corrects some errors in the message displayed on the LCD screen when saving RAW images developed in the camera.

The fixes listed above are corrections for the phenomena experienced with firmware version 2.0.0. These phenomena will not occur in firmware version 1.2.5 or before.
Updating the camera's firmware to version 2.0.0 / 2.0.3 from version 1.2.5 or before, will incorporate many new functions into the camera. For the details of these new functions, please see the "Version 2.0.0 improvements" in the history of past firmware updates.
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