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This forum is to discuss computer hardware products and issues. Remember, the focus here is Digital Darkroom, which means that it should be both photography and computer hardware related.

Topics and questions that include such things (but not limited to) as the following are OK:

• computer brands; and that age-old MAC vs. PC debate
• RAM size and type
• Intel vs. AMD
• hard drives
• DVD or CD recording
• monitors and calibration
• graphic cards
• card readers
• transfering pictures to and from a computer
• printers and printing
• scanners and scanning
• backup devices
• mice, tablets, and other input devices

...those are all fine and dandy here, as long as they remain within the Digital Darkroom reasoning. If a thread or a post gets out of hand or strays too far from the topic, looks like spam, then... you get the idea.

It is OK to talk about a computer related problem here though, as we are all friends. We'll try to help you figure it out.

Issues with CF cards, camera firmware, how to mount a print, tripods, what software will produce the best pictures, how to load music into a MP3 player or who might make it through the next round of Survivor, etc. will be promptly whisked away to the proper forum or might get deleted without warning.

Keep in mind that your forum moderator is not an expert in hardware or programming. Far from it. We depend on the lot of you being helpful and contributing constructively to these questions, discussions and debates in a positive manner. Let's have fun and learn something new!
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