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Could anyone recommend some Photoshop tutorials that can be downloaded onto an iPad for viewing when there is no internet connectivity? (I'm really looking for the Photoshop analogue to George Jardine's excellent Lightroom videos...)

Many thanks for any suggestions!


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    Anything that you can view on the Internet can typically be printed to a PDF file, using a PDF print driver from a computer. Print the pages you desire using a computer with the PDF print driver, then copy those files to your iPod. Assuming that your iPad can view PDF files (I believe that they can) that should give you considerable capabilities.

    Your Internet computer may not have a "PDF print driver" built-in, so you may have to Google that phrase along with your operating system name to get the appropriate driver for your computer.

    Remember that copyright laws apply, so that any PDFs you create are for your use only. Any other use would be beyond "fair use" and subject to copyright infringement laws and penalties.
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    KMBphotographicKMBphotographic Registered Users Posts: 17 Big grins
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    Many thanks for this useful suggestion. I was hoping to get hold of video tutorials on Photoshop that I could watch when off-line but the ones from e.g. Lynda.com you have to have realtime internet connectivity so no good for watching when I am on a long train journey for example. Do you know of any videos that one can purchase (like the George Jardine Lightroom ones, except for Photoshop) that you could download and watch when there is no wifi?
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    there exists dozens of tools to record video to your PC , including streaming

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