tips for using reflectors?

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I usually shoot fill flash and shoot a few hours before sunset. However, I have been seeing more and more simply using reflectors, and am thinking of giving it a try.

I have a big double sided (white on one side and "gold" on the other) about 6' x 3' collapsable reflector, and one a small circular one about 18" - 24" or so around.

I am looking for tips with using these. I will plan to shoot a little later in the day.

How close to the model should the reflectors be? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated as well.

Thank you!
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    I just assisted a Photo student in a portrait shoot 2 weekends ago....
    Had a 42 inch 5n1 reflector...satarted off with the silver one, I did not
    like the overly bright look of the set switched to white...still too bright....
    Gold...hyst brightened up the subject nd brought a little light under her hat so
    you could see her eyes...also did a few completely lighting the subject...
    The 42 inch relector used flat ould light the whole scene from about 15 feet...

    if I wanted to just direct a small amount of light I would fold the reflector to create
    a beam to put the light where I wanted it....or to be really correct....where the
    photog wanted it......I really prefer using gold for any type of reflective photography...
    reflectors or bounce umbrellas...I like white only for shoot thru umbrellas...

    hope this helps some at least.....
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