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A set of videos I've had on SM don't seem to have video previews. I have a all-white "preview" and clicking on the left/right arrows doesn't seem to do anything.

I know how to substitute my own preview but that is a pain. :) Is there a way to force the video previews to be generated?

You can see the previewless videos posted at www.montarafog.com



  • darinbdarinb Big grins Posts: 19Registered Users Big grins
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    fyi, decided I was in a hurry for this one and sent a copy to the help desk via e-mail...

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    They all look fine to me!
    tom wise
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    I note that you seem to be using JW Player. I suggest contacting Longtail Video for support.


    BTW, your videos work fine for me too.
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