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Hello, I am wondering if there is a way for me to retrieve my login information for my old account "BylLuvual". I posted in the "Whats your story?" thread in 2004 when I was 15. Every time anyone searches for my name in Google, that thread pops up. I want to login that account and delete my posts. I do not want that popping up every time anyone searches for me online. I have contacted the site administrator but never received a reply back. Is there anyway for my to get into that account? I do not remember the email that I used for it as it was 8 years ago. Pleeeaasseeee help me :bow


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    The mods can probably delete those posts, if they are still in the archives of this forum. But that wont necessarily keep them from popping up in searches do to how things are archived by search mechanisms. Good luck with that.

    You might start by posting a request to delete at Place Requests to Moderators Here.

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    thanks so much for the quick reply!
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