Mini Challenge #155 - six legs ...RESULTS

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Firstly, I hope people had at least a smidgeon of fun doing it.

We all know that this activity - filling sensors with coloured blobs - is a very subjective one, so it's fine to disagree with my (very biased) pov :)

This is also the first time I've had the doubious honour of judging other people's pix - apart from family and similar bods IRL - so put any weirdness down to that + the fact I've recently returned from a trip to my local w/l venue and had a coffee laced with something stronger to warm up.

Something (else) that I've read re tips for entries in major w/l comps also sticks in my mind ... if all the pic shows us is what animal it is ... go away and try again ... as we're looking for more than that.

I'll use 2 abbreviations
HM ... honourable mention
SRS ... standard record shot

In order posted

Shooting star - HM ... quite liked this, in spite of the fact they're both looking out frame. Maybe a bit cropped off L and Top?

PedalGirl - HM ... nicely seen/ taken ... but the LH edge of the breaking wave in frame centre really annoys me. If this was local to me and I was into this sort of pic, I'd consider re-visiting with different weather etc ... and maybe different povs.
Begging shot does absolutely nothing for me.

DsrtVW - Getting more than one of anything w/l in focus is a challenge - you obviously did v. well with these 2 shots. Nice shots, but not sufficiently so to tick the relevant box here ...although the 2nd gets the 'Diana Ross + Supremes' special award :)
Bee shot shouldn't have survived first cull imo.

superducks - insect - way too busy for my tastes - both bg and fg. Cropping would help - a little - but the bg still an issue ... not strong enough.
3 Amigos ...would've been much stronger having one dominant subject,with the other 2 oof, in bg. Rear quarter shots have got to be extra special to work.
LegNo in question for last ... but it wouldn't make much difference, tho.

jwear - liquid brain HM ... well seen / taken ... but I reckon there's a stronger pick there with a tighter crop ... and possibly more dynamic angle(s) at time of taking, maybe ... I wasn't there, so dunno circumstances.
Wedding pic - wedding pics / photography ... non-starter for me, I'm afraid - a much overhyped aspect of snapping for me.
DF - can't quite put my finger on this -good cols but leaf at frame left is one issue + dk bg at top. I wonder what the original frame looked like?

Alans Grin - Nag+bloke ... sorry, but can't help wondering what this would've looked like taken more from front ...and lower pov. Find the mesh and bg frame L distracting too.
Beetle - nice cols, but a SRS to me.
SP on bench - HM ... but the things that stick out to me are the bits of whatever above the top of the benchback ... and more so the dark fence / screen thing that ruins the lines of the lower back plank.

pixelpeeper - a nice memory / reminder of the occasion. Have you tried different crops?

GrandmaR - nice memories (got nag related stuff too from when our pair did similar) ... think the strongest is the middle shot - esp with a bit of cropping?

kscooper - Interesting first - pity about the missing feet and fence - especially pole growing out of head. Would've been a brillshot @ lower pov and maybe with more of 'flying girl's' face / expression?
Nag shot - busy bg and possibly better on going up part of jump than landing bit. I think horsey pro types also try for lower pov re bg control and effect?

zoomn - first, ok, but messy bg - doesn't grab me.
CW - SRS, memory of situation, horrendous bg / environment
B+P - Nice memory for those involved, better - but still somewhat distracting bg - are the fg leaves there for 'framing' ?

linyangchen - interesting, if invalid ...pity you couldn't get proof of the 'special'
2nd - whilst I'm also a fan of the 'little bit of subject, lot of environment' approach, I think there's too much dead space in this - and am not sure the subject is a strong enough shape.
3rd - HM ... somewhat different ... and 'dfferent' was one of the things I was looking for ... makes me wonder if the 'can holder' was actually going to dump it in the bin - or just sling it (and waste 0.8p)

WhatheSaw -oblivious - a well executed montage.
snowy day - was sniffing around the edges of an HM - but pole frame left was one of the aspects that stopped it.
Forever - nicely taken (altho pity about the paper), think it's 'too' legless (altho valid) ... but the whole genre generally makes me cringe.

jmp2204 - ok, but a SRS - a more front quarter pov with eyes ... and no red, maybe.

TravelnLass - HM ... clean, simple, nicely seen, taken - shame about the prints in the sand from (presumably) other beasts in the group.

2L4F - sort of a SRS ...looks like a laser screwdriver is being used to adjust the shell plates :)
6LnoE - nice SRS

CHANDLERJA - Whilst I think a panning shot still wouldn't have 'got rid' of the bg, I reckon it would've given some impression of movement - which is lacking. Bg is horrible.
2+3 look like nice snaps of kids.

travelways - 1 -nice family photo
welcome to lab - a potential HM ... but I query the figures - I reckon adult+kid+dog? Simple but effective, nice light.
Skaters - good shot, but lower pov and less rear quarter would've made it better imo.

CAPTURED2H - bee ... shame about the stuff between camera and flower, blurring latter - think cropping would improve it some, but still left with a hind quarter shot of bee.
Mom, that's a N ... good to see a shot taken at the appropriate(imo) level - another shot nibbling at the edges of a HM - but not quite there for some reason. Composition doesn't quite hang together for me.

MarkR - interesting scene / activity ... but more than somewhat lost in the bg, methinks. A cleaner bg, gained either from the side or distant oof buildings, maybe.

jttphoto - HM ... interesting looking building /landmark ... presumably much snapped ... think the horizon needs truing a slight tad, and if mine, i'd be tempted to try cropping the right (middle of gap) and bottom (just above upper light reflection) ... I find the latter a bit of an 'eye pull'

billseye - 1st - HM, quite atmospheric - probably further improved with a bit of tweaking.
2nd ... nice, but a SRS
3rd ... I reckon there's more than 6 here ...


3rd ... linyangchen ... for the waste bin shot
2nd ...PedalGirl ... for her bench by the sea shot
1st ... TravelnLass ... for her camel shot.

So, the baton (minus the hand in kscooper's shot) has been transferred to TravelnLass :)

As said in the pre-amble ... all subjective, all comments only my opinion - so please, no hiring /sending of bods with baseball bats out to my local venue,to 'sort out' me and my gear and dump the remains in't water.

Well done to all - at least you had a go - and keep at it.


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    One of these days I'll have to figure out what my "style" is..
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    3rd ... linyangchen ... for the waste bin shot
    2nd ...PedalGirl ... for her bench by the sea shot
    1st ... TravelnLass ... for her camel shot.

    So, the baton (minus the hand in kscooper's shot) has been transferred to TravelnLass :)

    Holy SMOKES Paul - you have GOT to be kidding! Seriously. With all the great images here, my little camel took top honors? Woa! Needless to say I'm both humbled and THRILLED!

    I might also add...

    That I'm now TERRIFIED of the responsibility of A. choosing a new challenge, and (even more so) of B. eventually having to critique and choose the new winners - yikes!

    Nonetheless, it will all no doubt be a great learning experience. And that's why I hang out here after all, so will try to set challenge #156 by tomorrow sometime.

    A fine showing by all (as usual), and I must say - my personal faves include linyangchen's waste bin (an utterly BRILLIANT pov!) along with MarkR's death-defying dancers in white, and billseye's... Jefferson Memorial?
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    Congratulations all, and many thanks to Paul for coming up with such a challenging challenge and for his insightful critiques. I enjoyed seeing everyone's work.


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