Nikkon, Contax 645 Camera and Lens stolen

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These cameras and lens were taken from my car:

1. Nikon Nikkor Lens 35mm f/1.4G Serial: 602345
2. Nikon D3s Camera Serial # 2004507
3. Contax 645 MF Camera
4. Kodak DCS Pro Back 645c
5. Contax 80mm 2.0 and Hasselblad 120mm lenses

THANKS so much!!!!


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    tenoverthenosetenoverthenose Registered Users Posts: 815 Major grins
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    That really really sucks. I hope everything was insured and can be replaced quickly and painlessly.

    I had a chunk of my gear stolen last year. After six months, one of the bodies turned up in Chile. The photographer there claimed he bought it used at a local camera shop.
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    SamSam Registered Users Posts: 7,419 Major grins
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    Proof that the authorities catch and release program is alive and working.

    Sorry to here about this.

    Depending on circumstances I will have gear in a locked Pelican case with a Kryptonite bicycle cable through the handle and the truck seat mount.

    Not impervious but will stop smash and grab.

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