Heading to Washington DC

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Hello fellow photographers,
I'll be heading to Washington DC for a few days on New Year. Have never been there. Any suggestions on photoshooting locations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,


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    There is a ton of opportunity to shoot in DC. When you get there, just look around. Even the metro station has been photographed because of how unique it is.

    I believe the Washington Monument is still shut down to the public but if not, definitely take a trip up there.

    Of course you also have all of the typical museums as well, plenty to see and do. My advice is to just always look for different angles of the city, every tourist has the generic pictures.
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    bring lots of cards. lots to photograph
  • mishenkamishenka Banned Posts: 470 Major grins
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    I have 32gb :) Never filled it fully yet:) I am mostly interested in people, street photography. But will be glad to capture some nice scenery as well.
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    I would go to the National Mall, great pictures of the Capital and the Washington Monument from there. I would also head over to the National Christmas Tree, you can get some great pictures of the White House from there, especially at night.

    Good luck! :)
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    The National Mall and Tidal Basin are great areas. The National Arboretum is also a great spot. More details on this page https://loadedlandscapes.com/dc-photography-locations/
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