Tips on recreating this technique...?

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Hi guys,

I've been trying to reverse engineer this technique using PS to no success. Does anyone know how it is done or at least the name of the processing technique?

Some examples:




Sorta like Instagram but a little bit more refined, warm, and smooth. Any help is appreciated.



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    It looks as if the contrast is somewhat higher, and saturation lower, in these photos than what a digital camera normally produces. How did you try to get this effect in PS? Might be helpful to see your shots too, as your degree of success could partly depend on the light and optics.

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    I'm no pro here, but it looks like it was shot in Neutral (Cannon) for both shots and maybe a warming filter applied to the first photo.
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    I also tried to get similar look and had some success using fill layers...

    ...try using 'lighten' a tiny fraction...
    ...experiment with adding fill layers using browns and oranges, and changing blending mode to soft light, and dropping the opacity somewhat.
  • skips-photographyskips-photography Registered Users Posts: 28 Big grins
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    looks like Alien skin exposure maybe a bleached bypass ?
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    Agree on Alien Skin, or perhaps another film-emulation process (there are many at the moment it seems). Or maybe it was just shot on film?
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