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Hey everyone!

Just launched my new site today. My first actual full fledged website. I have had a blog for a few months but no website.

Let me know what y'all think please!


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    Nice clean look. thumb.gif Many of those pics I've seen here lately.

    Just a nit... there are some pics in each category that are duplicates in another. First thing I think of when I see that at other's sites is that maybe the artist doesn't have enough good shots to show off. I know you do, but I thought I'd mention it. I'm of the opinion that each gallery should be unique.
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    How should I format it then? My homepage is "gallery". Thinking I should just do away with that and stick with the Portraits and Personal tabs?
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    I would agree that you have a good start.

    A couple of comments...

    Your blog opens a new browser window and offers no apparent way back to your site. Opening a new window / tab should be done at the request of the viewer, not the web site. If sites start opening windows and I didn't request them I usually close the site; I don't need extra clutter. The same problem exists with your Facebook and Twitter links.

    There is no apparent way to get back from your blog to your web site.

    You have included your email address in clear text in your contact page. That's a good way to attract spambots. I'd recommend using a form instead. You should be able to place a form (from wufoo or jotform) within your site.

    --- Denise
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    Thanks for the tips!

    From personal experience I always preferred when clicking on a link in a site it opening a new tab. That way I can just close it and still have the original destination open at all times. Anyone else have more opinions/insights into this? And to get back to my site, well they dont have to, because it stays open in the original tab/window.
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    I like the horizontal photos, but when clicking and using the scroll wheel didn't do anything, it took a minute to notice the scrollbar at the bottom of the page. I would suggest making the vertical scroll navigate threw the photos, and maybe adding something like a semi-transparent arrow button overlay to scroll.

    I agree with you that a link to another website (like facebook) should open a new window or tab. My understanding is that is the proper way to have it, since those are separate websites from your own. Although, your blog opens up in a new window/tab, when this is a part of your site. I think making the blog integrated into your site, looks more professional, like one seamless website.
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    Thanks Racer! I will look into the scrolling!

    Also, I plan on making my blog and website look and feel the same.
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